Stand-Up Pouch with Top Spout/Valve

On-the-go stand-up “Doypack” with spout, its handy, and easy to use. Applications include drinkable products like juices, energy drinks, yogurts, dressings, mayonnaise, ketchup, seasonings and more.

One of the trends of the flexible packaging is the stand-up “Doypack” with spout, its handy, and easy to take on-the-go, The low cost compared with glass, PET and tetra, helped many manufacturers to change their philosophy regarding diversifying how their product’s are presented and sold.

Increasing customer demand because of change in children's habits, the Doypack with top spout has invigorated the market, with various applications that can be applied to this type of packaging, such as drinkable products like juices, energy drinks, or yogurts, as well as dressings, mayonnaise, ketchup & seasoning and more.

The intuitive design, variety of sizes, and the ability to create different types of shapes of are giving this packaging a lot of advantages when choosing the product by the end consumer. If we take the drinkable products as a reference, it is undoubtedly the preferred packaging by children.

FLtècnics engineering department provides continuous innovation and development of our horizontal machine lines. Solidifying our place in the market as an innovator with its eye on what consumers are looking to package.

With our wide range of packaging machines covering all types of market needs, for packaging and filling, we offer medium speed to high performance, small to large package equipment footprints and multiple options, such as in the beverage, dressings, yogurt, and condiment industries to use the top spout fitment to improve the customers product experience.

All FLtècnics models can be fitted with top spout applicator, offering customized solutions like spouted pouches, partial or total shape, round corners, standard spout or choke-safe spout, all these options can be adapted to the customer’s requirements.

The modular construction of our machines gives us the flexibility of adding the top spout applicator, to any customers’ existing machine, even after installation.

Thanks to the integrated automatic reels splicing system, FLtècnics is in the unique position of offering customers the ability to run their machines non-stop (24/7)!

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Stand-Up Pouch with Top Spout/Valve