Sauces & Beverages

FLtècnics, with its vast experience in liquid applications, can offer a wide range of solutions for the sauce and beverage market such as juices, ketchup, mayonnaise, oils, tomato sauce and many other products in flexible formats.

FLtècnics provides a wide range of solutions for the sauce & beverage industry to pack different types of products into flat, stand up or gusseted pouches, with spout, as well as drinkable straws, to fulfil all customer requirements.

All of our machine series are modular and robust with a high degree of mechanical reliability. Specializing in spouts, thanks to our BV machine models, FLtècnics is the only manufacturer in the market that can offer pouches with a top spout or a corner spout that uses the same spout applicator.

With a great variety of horizontal machines, FLtècnics offers proper pouching equipment for the sauce & beverage industries, supplying small, medium and large HFFS (horizontal Form, Fill & Seal), or FS (Fill & Seal) pouch packaging machines which, when combined with different type of dosing systems (pneumatic or servo motorized Piston pump, Mass and magnetic flow meter.., etc) produce a high-class flexible pouch.


We can also offer Ultraclean solutions for any type of product in compliance with sanitary regulations.

For versatility in the Form, Fill & Seal (HFFS) or Fill & Seal (FS) process, the H and V series High Speed range is ideal. This series has servo-driven reel unwinders and film pulling design. The main frame is stainless steel AISI 304, all parts that have contact with the product are stainless steel AISI 316L, with automatic format change, an automatic film splicing system and automatic film alignment system, this machine has it all. Available in simplex, duplex, triplex, and quadruplex depending on the volume of production required, for small to large pouch sizes.

The Carrousel series is our largest HFFS machine for extra-large sized pouches and volumes up to 7 liters. The Stainless-steel frame makes this system durable and reliable for endless use. Versatile in every way, the Carrousel series can handle different package styles.

FLtècnics packaging machinery have an extraordinary long life-cycle, they are user friendly, with low maintenance requirements, quick setup and changeovers, as well as reduced operational costs, and can be easily retrofitted at any time.