FL 1.4 / 1.7 HFFS Rollstock for Small Pouches & Flat Sachets w/Zipper or Spout

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The smartest & most versatile machines, the combination of know-how and cutting-edge technology!


Our machinery series, models FL 1.4 & FL 1.7 are designed specifically for those customers looking for a highly versatile and flexible machine, the robustness and mechanical reliability give us the ability to commit to a 3 year warranty on all of our equipment. Thanks to its modular design, we can offer multiple options for pouch styles, from flat to standup pouch, with zipper or spout, in simplex or duplex versions, with different sizes.

FLtècnics, thanks to BV models, is the unique manufacturer in the market, offering the versatility for corner and top spout pouches, using the same applicator.

Low maintenance costs and flexibility, built in stainless steel, make this series the perfect option to those clients who look for robust equipment with the latest technology and software advances (modem for remote assistance, etc.). FLtècnics offers a 3 years warranty on all of its equipment as a sign of commitment to our Customers.

Zipper Applicator

  • Adaptable zipper module applicator
  • Stainless Steel AISI-304
  • Variety of zipper profiles or Velcro
  • Easy to adjust for different formats

Forming Triangle with

Motorized Film Alignment System

  • Motorized monobloc system
  • Perfect film alignment
  • Alignments in real time (every machine cycle)

Top & Corner Spout Applicator

  • Independent and motorized modular spouts applicator
  • Easy to adjust, during machine operation
  • Corner and top spout with the same applicator
  • Spout elevator

Multiple Filling Stations

  • Up to three filling stations
  • Combination of different filling systems
  • Versatility: Multi-ingredients products

Solid Filling Systems

For powders, granulates & pieces:

  • Auger filler, Volumetric cup filler lineal and rotary, designed and manufactured by FLtècnics
  • Multi-head & lineal weighers
  • Counting filling systems
  • Customized fillers for special applications

Liquid Filling Systems

For liquid and pasty products:

  • Mass and magnetic flow meters: Endress+Hausser, Bopp & Reuther
  • Piston fillers with pneumatic or servomotor operation
  • Customized fillers for special applications
  • Innovative system of filling correction in real time, standard on all our flow-metering dosing system