Pre-Made Pouching Equipment

FLtècnics offers 1.4 to 4.2 pre-made pouch machines in either walking beam or carousel styles. These machines work efficiently to accommodate liquids, powders, and granules. This versatile line has a small footprint and is great for the introduction of new products to the marketplace. With easy format change, the pouchers are easy to use, flexible, and feature quick maintenance. The pre-made pouch machines feature innovative technology like the on-screen recipe system.

Both machine styles offers the capability of:

  • Adding valves
  • Zipper
  • Special Shapes
  • Special Applications

To learn more about the pre-made pouch machine technology, contact FLTecnics today.

Our PMP range (over preformed) and forming module offers in a compact machine, a great synchronization with on-screen recipe system and easy format change.