About FLtècnics

FLtècnics is headquartered in Spain, a brand of ProMach, a US based corporation. As part of the ProMach Flexibles business line, FLtècnics specializes in the manufacturing of form, fill, and seal machinery (HFFS) as well as filling machines (HFS) for pre-made pouches.

The manufacturing plant is located near Barcelona, Spain, and has a vast commercial network covering more than 40 countries, providing sales, technical assistance, parts, and service to our customers.

The variety of packaging machines FL offers, provides solutions to customer's flexible packaging needs, whether they need stand up pouches or for 3-4 side sealed sachets.

FL is committed to its food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and chemical customers. As their technological partner, we add value to the customer’s products, making a difference.

As a multinational organization, we export more than 95% of our production, wherever you are located, we are there for you. As a quality orientated company, FLtècnics focus is to produce the most reliable machinery in the market.


FLtècnics was founded in 2003 by Mateo Lara and Pablo Pizarro, both have more than 20 years of technical background experience in horizontal packaging machinery companies. FLtècnics started out providing service and offering retrofits to machines of other suppliers.

The founders technical skills and experience with the equipment they worked on allowed them to understand the many machines’ weaknesses they saw, and knowing what the customer's needed they began to develop FLtècnics’ own brand of machinery.

Its excellent reputation grew during these first few years of development, and the founders of the company built the first FLtècnics machine (2005) that fulfilled USA customers' requirements of flexibility, versatility, modularity, reliability, robustness and operational guarantees.

From this very first moment, many US customers were attracted by the excellent features of the FLtècnics machines. New orders increased significantly, allowing the company to grow quickly to serve these new customers. Likewise, the commercial network has been continuously expanding around the globe.

Thanks to the synergies between Engineering and R&D departments, our choice of machines is continuously updated with innovations and technical solutions, characterizing one of the main assets of the company.

In 2019, FLtècnics was acquired by the US based, ProMach Group, the successful company employs 3,000 employees, throughout 45 companies and covers over 35 packaging brands. During the five previous years, ProMach was commercially successful working with FLtècnics as their main distributor in the US market.

Being part of a US company like ProMach provides FLtècnics with increases business potential worldwide. We continue to maintain our team, and under the ProMach umbrella, have the ability to generate new synergies and expand the confidence of our clients. At the same time, we have created an ambitious plan for expanding our reach and presence in additional 5 continents.

The philosophy and organization of the company remains the same; the founders are managing the company and focusing on the technological side as this has always been at the center of FLtècnics.

Values and mission

Our mission is to provide state of the art, quality, and produce packaging machines that exceed our customer's expectations. To improve with innovations and new solutions from our R&D department, strengthen our relationship with clients, and generate the necessary confidence that makes FLtècnics their technological partner helping them to develop their businesses.

FLtècnics pledges our long-term commitment to being 100% reliable to our customers, we want to your supplier.

Our vision: to keep the confidence of all our customers by offering updated technical solutions and an unequal cost/benefit relationship that allow them to have the best machinery at the best price, with excellent service.


Like several of our customers, we are ready for a new age in which, new packaging recyclable materials are more commonly used, such as environment friendly, and materials that comply with many of the new manufacturing regulations. We along with our customers are committed to the environment.


An essential part of FLtècnics is to always be at the forefront of engineering and technical innovations that provide the ultimate advantages to our customers.

We constantly aim to improve allows our company and offer our clients unique and exclusive technical solutions that make us different among our competitors.

We offer highly customized packaging machines, with the aim that every single customer can have the equipment that fulfills its specific requirements adding value to the end-user.

Manufacturing quality has always been a goal we strive to achieve; offering a standard 3-year warranty on all our products. It’s the best warranty for customers looking for machines that will run 24/7 shifts.

Our commercial department, working side-by-side with engineering, gives our customers extra assurance throughout all project stages that their machine specifications will be in accordance with customer requirements.

International Presence

FLtècnics is an export company, our organization focuses on clients in multiple countries, with various cultures and languages, and we are committed to all recognizing all their distinctive needs.

Our machines are built under the most demanding international regulations and consider each regions packaging trends.

Our global activity includes the participation in many international exhibitions, dedicated to showing our customers all the innovations we’ve developed and giving us the opportunity to listen to any of their new requirements.

Our team of Service Engineers support our customers globally, while our strategical hubs throughout the world provide parts and consumable on an as needed basis.