The FLtècnics service department is dedicated to covering all your business needs and ensuring that your machinery is working in optimal condition. We offer preventative maintenance service, emergency service, technical support, and equipment upgrades.

Preventative Maintenance

FLtècnics team of technicians proactively schedules your equipment maintenance in order to prevent expensive downtime. Regular maintenance helps to prevent equipment failure by inspecting and replacing wear parts routinely. ​We provide worldwide assistance -either on site or remotely- to avoid any possible malfunctioning and to optimize your operating processes.

Emergency Service

When adhering to the guidelines for preventative maintenance, there should be little to no need for emergency service. But, it’s nice to know that if a breakdown occurs our experienced team will be there to get you back up and running.

Technical Support

FLtècnics and our authorized service partners provide efficient service and expert advice, technical supervision and regular maintenance of your machine. ​Whether you need equipment advice, want to purchase spare parts or simply give feedback, we are here to support you. ​

Equipment Upgrades

For an optimal performance of packaging machines, it is recommended to update them as technology advances. FLtècnics provides updates of your equipment to the latest hardware and software versions as it is developed.​ In case you need to produce different packaging formats on your existing machinery, FLtècnics also offers the possibility to adapt your machine to new applications, such as zipper modules, valve applicators or new dosing systems.​

Training & Support

As PMMI Certified Trainers, our team of professionals are dedicated to the operators and technical personnel responsible for operating and maintaining FLtècnics’ machines. The FLtècnics training courses are not exclusively limited to machine installation and start up stages, but also include regular training sessions for expanding and updating the knowledge of our customers’ technicians.