Cosmetics & Personal Care

One of the main advantages of using FLtècnics machines is the innovation and technology that is dedicated to each product that needs to be packaged.

Beauty and cosmetics have always been an innovative industry especially when it comes to packaging.

Sachets and stand up pouches are commonplace today as the most prevalent type of packaging styles for these types of products: creams, conditioners, wet wipes, soap, etc. FLtècnics is proud to be a partner in this industry and enjoy helping our customers to launch their products in the best package available.

FLtècnics can supply a compact, single machine for different products and package styles that can produce 50 ppm or a dedicated line for medium or high-speed packaging for up to 320 ppm, and filling volumes up to 7 liters. We are dedicated to making sure we provide the machine that fits your expectations, always with the possibility to combine different format types, such as stand up pouches with or without spouts, special shapes, re-closable zipper etc., to adapt new fitments as market trends or production needs change.

For those customers that prefer to use pre-made pouches, our PMP (Pre-made) series, will allow you to packaging your products with a reliable machine that has a capacity of up to 7 liters and a production speed up to 90 ppm.

We can provide any type of dosing system that fits to your product, no matter if it contains alcohol, foaming, etc., ensuring the best packaging conditions and machine yield.

We built confidence with our customers and provide excellent technical support, allowing us to be one of the major players in this field.