Dairy Products

Dairy Industry Rollstock Pouch Machines

FLtècnics has many different machines that meet the demanding dairy requirements, making sure your products are in compliance with dairy regulations (3A), whether they are in sachets or pouches.

The cheese industry with its wide variety of products, has different packaging needs, from powder to shredded cheese or creamy cheeses, FLtècnics can pack your product in the pouch style you prefer, offering a list of fitments for your package (zipper, customized shapes, and more).

Considering the need for production safety, X-ray inspection, metal detectors, and other controlling systems, can all easily be integrated into our machines, guaranteeing a secure way to pack your products.

Spouted pouches for drinkable yogurt, cream and other beverages, are in the forefront of market trends and are attracting consumers to these new packages, with the possibility to offer single use or family options, at production speeds up to 220 ppm.

As an option, FLtècnics offers Ultraclean execution in all of our models, laminar flow, film and spout disinfection systems, guaranteeing the most acceptable packaging conditions for your product.

We have no doubt that you will find the model that best suits your needs for production speed, filling volume and the appropriate format from FLtècnics.

Flexibility is an asset in any equipment, and our machines have it! With easy changeovers done with minimum downtime, you achieve maximum efficiency, and let’s not forget the possibility of combining different format types (stand up pouches with or without spouts, special shapes, etc.). All of these options are very attractive as they allow flexibility to meet market demands and trends by adding new formats or packaging presentations.

Let us know your special requirements, and our Engineering Department will develop the solution and will build the customize the machine that you need.