FLtècnics, its vast experience in the pharmaceutical market can offer a wide range of reliable solutions with precision and minimal production costs for powders, granules, tablets, pills, liquids, creams and many other products in flexible formats.

FLtècnics machinery series covers most of the applications where the pharmaceutical industry requires products are packaged in sachets.

The pharmaceutical industry is very demanding when a new packaging line is required, besides a robust construction, performance guarantees and machine versatility, it requires many other features that FLtècnics is likely to provide: tailored construction (materials, components, customer specs, etc.) and all documentation that a supplier must attach (Validation protocols and operation manuals).

Our machinery series for pharmaceutical sachets starts from compact equipment for medium speed up to larger machines for high-speed production lines (320 ppm) that can be linked to end of line equipment (cartoners), to get a fully automatic packaging process.

FLtècnics uses stainless steel AISI-304 as standard construction material for the machine body frame, and parts that have contact with product are AISI-316L, with balcony and sanitary design in compliance with GMP and FDA standards.

FLtècnics supplies the most suitable dosing system depending on each products properties:

  • Powders; Auger filler
  • Granules; Volumetric cup filler
  • Pieces; Scale or specific design systems (swaps, etc.)
  • Tablets; Counting systems
  • Liquids and creams; Piston pump, flowmeter

All dosing systems are pharmaceutical grade built and have a high degree of accuracy and cleaning ease to comply with the most demanding pharmaceutical specifications.

A wide variety of accessories can be easily added to our FLtècnics packaging machines: labelers, coders, bar code readers, X ray inspection systems, artificial vision, and others.

Our expertise in this industry allows us to develop in collaboration with our clients those projects that might require dedicated engineering in order to optimize the equipment that’s needed.

FLtècnics main concern is to focus on the versatility of the machine, meaning we can offer a wide variety of different products that can be efficiently added, for example, combining two or more dosing systems to increase the machine yield.

Regardless your production requirement or product specifications, FLtècnics will provide all the support to ensure that the best machine is in your facility.