Flat Sachets

3-4 Side Sealed Flat Sachet Equipment

The 3-4 side sealed flat sachet has a strong following, due to its small size, small volume, single-dosing application. This versatile pouch has gained popularity in many industries, including pharmaceutical, cosmetic and even dominating the food sector.

There is no doubt that today it is the type of packaging most prevalent on the shelves of supermarkets, pharmacies and drugstores offering flexibility to the end user.

FLtècnics has a wide range of compact machines offering the 3 and 4 side sealing option for sachet pouches. Machines range from medium speed and a smaller footprint to larger more sophisticated executions and high production equipment. Machines can pack solid, powder, granular or liquid products for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries thanks to the highest sanitary design and compliance with the strictest sanitary standards, including the FDA and GMP.

The high versatility and customization of FLtècnics machines can be adapted to all types of flat sachets, with or without zipper, with spout, with hole display, with central perforation and any special shape to give added value to the product.

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Flat Sachets Pouch Styles