3-Side / 4-Side Seal Flat Sachet

Compact volume, high versatility

The flat sachet (3-Side Seal, 4-Side Seal) has gained significant popularity due to its compact size and airtight seal, making it ideal for single-dosing applications. This versatile packaging style is used across the food, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and cosmetic industries to package liquids, creams, powders and solid products. FLtècnics HFFS and HFS machines can be tailored to meet all your specific requirements, ensuring the most efficient flat sachet production.


  • Helps portion control and reduces product waste.
  • Convenient for single dose products, sample products and on-the go use.
  • Accessible to all customers with easy to open tear notch.
  • Its airtight seal preserves product freshness and quality.
  • Suitable for liquids, powders, creams and grainy products.
  • Requires less materials and storage, cutting production and transport costs.
  • Its customizable flat surface boosts product visibility and branding.
  • Can be produced in Twin Pack or String style with one or several fillings.
  • Has the option to be made from recyclable film.

The versatility and customization of FLtècnics machines allow the production of all types of flat sachets, including those with zipper / Velcro®, spouted, with central perforation, display holes, and any desired shape, adding value to the end-product. Additionally, if your industry requires the strictest sanitary standards, we can ensure your flat sachet production is FDA and GMP compliant.

4-side Seal Flat Sachet FLtecnics Packaging Styles

3-Side Seal Benefits

  • Packs more product
  • Is a less expensive investment
  • Is made from one single piece of film
3 side seal sachet fltecnics

4-Side Seal Benefits

  • Is sealed on all sides, making it safer against leakage
  • Has a flatter, more uniform look
  • Is made from two separate pieces of film sealed together
4 side seal sachet fltecnics

Watch FL 1.4B HFFS Package Chemical Product at 160 Pouches/Minute


Each product and industry demands special consideration to find the most efficient and cost-effective packaging machine. For this reason, seeking the guidance of our experienced team is the fastest way to discover the optimal solution for your specific packaging needs.

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