Custom-Shaped Pouch / Sachet

Attractive and accessible

With regular pouches and sachets increased popularity over the last few years, customers are looking for new ways to position themselves above their competition. Custom-shaped pouches or sachets are the perfect solution to this, as they both attract customers and/or fulfill functional needs, such as ease of handling, carrying, or pouring. Some of the products most benefited by this style are sauces, baby food, juices and drinks, pet food, candy, nutraceuticals and cosmetics.


  • Eye-catching shape boosts visibility and branding.
  • Allows for more creativity and storytelling.
  • Makes product easier to hold, carry, or pour.
  • Suitable for liquids, powders, creams, solids and grainy products.
  • Requires less materials and storage, cutting production and transport costs.
  • Can be made from recyclable film.

The versatility and customization of FLtècnics machines allow the production of all types of custom-shaped pouches and sachets, including those with zipper / Velcro® closure, bottom gusset, display holes, spouts and straws, adding value to the end-product. Additionally, if your industry requires the strictest sanitary standards, we can ensure your production is FDA and GMP compliant.

Custom-Shaped Pouch FLtecnics Packaging Styles

Watch FL 2.6 HFFS Machine Package Juice Slush into Custom-Shaped Pouches


Each product and industry demands special consideration to find the most efficient and cost-effective packaging machine. For this reason, seeking the guidance of our experienced team is the fastest way to discover the optimal solution for your specific packaging needs.

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