Zippered Stand-Up Pouches

Zipper Doypack Pouch Equipment

The stand-up pouch “Doypack” with zipper closing or Velcro® offers maximum pouch stability and hermetic closing for multiple uses preserving the original properties of the product, thanks to its vertical shape and its stability makes it easier to display on store shelves or large surfaces. Thanks to its customized design the format provides an added value to the product. It works with packaging of all kinds of products, both solid, viscous liquid or powder. The stand-up pouch “Doypack” with a traditional zipper closing offers the compatibility and flexibility in zipper materials like metalized, paper or transparent barrier laminates.

FLtècnics has a wide range of packaging machines covering all types of market product needs from medium speed and small sized package equipment to larger, sophisticated machines with high performance that are dedicated to products such as snacks, cheese, nuts & dried fruits, candies & chocolates. These are the most common products lines that use the zipper fitment as it offers a longer product shelf-life.

All FLtècnics machine models can be fitted with a zipper module offering a customized solution. Zipped pouches offer many options, such as easy open, a partial or total shape and display holes, all these options can be adapted according to customer’s requirements.

Thanks to the modular construction of our machines, FLtècnics can modify existing machines already in use in customer facilities with the zipper module, adding flexibility to all FL models.

Thanks to the integrated automatic reels splicing system, FLtècnics is in the unique position of offering customers the ability to run their machines non-stop (24/7)!

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Zippered Stand-Up Pouches