Top Spout / Valve Stand-Up Pouch

Practical and eye-catching

The Top Spout / Valve Stand-Up Pouch is a resealable and stable packaging solution perfect for products of liquid and cream consistencies. Its vertical display and ample design surface make it stand out on shelves, while the positioning of the spout/valve on top make it the ideal packaging for ready-to-drink beverages, sauces, dairy products, baby food, pet care and nutraceuticals. FLtècnics HFFS and HFS machines can be tailored to meet all your specific requirements, ensuring the most efficient pouch production.


  • Spillage-free use of liquid and cream products.
  • Easily squeezable for complete use of the product.
  • Longer shelf life and higher product freshness for multiple uses.
  • Ideal for on-the-go use and up to 6L of product.
  • Commonly paired with resealable choke-proof spout for direct drinking.
  • Customizable surface and stand-up design enhance visibility and branding.
  • Lightweight and compact, cutting storage and shipping costs.
  • Less susceptible to breaking than rigid packaging.
  • Can be made using recyclable film.

The versatility and customization of FLtècnics machines allow the production of all types of Spout / Valve Pouches, including those with choke-safe spouts, handles, display holes, and any desired shape adding value to the end-product. Additionally, if your industry requires the strictest sanitary standards, we can ensure your production is FDA and GMP compliant.

Top Spout / Valve Stand-Up Pouch FLtecnics Packaging Styles

Watch FL 2.2 HFFS Machine Package Juice into Top Spouted Stand-Up Pouches


Each product and industry demands special consideration to find the most efficient and cost-effective packaging machine. For this reason, seeking the guidance of our experienced team is the fastest way to discover the optimal solution for your specific packaging needs.

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