Household Product & Detergents

Household Product Packaging Solutions

One of the fastest growing industries using flexible packaging are those selling household products and detergents. These products have adapted their packaging styles to include stand up pouches as one of the preferred ways to deliver the product to the customer. There are many different reasons such as: production flexibility, efficiency, consumer convenience, reduced costs and the ability to use environment friendly materials.

FLtècnics is proud to offer a wide range of packaging machines that are great options when investing in a packaging machine. Its unbeatable cost-benefit ratio, offering the latest technology and solutions in HFFS equipment, allow our customers to count on a reliable machine that can meet current needs, while providing options for future demand.

Today, all types of liquid and powder detergents, soaps, conditioners, softeners, creams, etc., are commonly packed in stand-up pouches, that make their usage easy and clean, and are more sustainable as they use less materials than traditional containers.

With a great variety of horizontal machines, FLtècnics can offer the proper pouching equipment for the household and detergents industries, supplying from small, medium and large series HFFS (horizontal Form, Fill & Seal) or FS (Fill & Seal) pouch packaging machines which, when combined with different type of dosing systems (auger filler, volumetric filler, piston pump or flow-meter liquid fillers), can pack your product efficiently into a flexible pouch.

We can provide any type of dosing system that fits your product, no matter if it contains alcohol, bleach, is foaming, etc., ensuring the best packaging conditions and machine yield.

The possibility to combine different format types (stand up pouches with or without spouts, special shapes, recloseable zipper or Velcro etc.), are very attractive to the customers, since they can follow up any market trend by adding new formats or package presentations.

We can offer a single machine producing 50 ppm up to a complete packaging line producing 150 ppm, and filling volumes up to 7 liters.

For those customers that prefer to use pre-made pouches, our PMP (Pre-made) series, is a reliable machine with a packaging capacity up to 7 liters and a production speed up to 90 ppm.

The confidence built with our customers and our excellent technical support, allow us to be one of the major players in this field.