Stand-Up Pouch with Corner Spout/Valve

Doypack Pouch Packing Equipment

Because of the change in consumer needs, and new market trends in flexible packaging, the stand-up “Doypack” pouch with corner spout is starting to dominate the market. Consider this pouch type, its attributes including its user-friendly design, environmentally friendly and its low cost compared with glass, PET, and tetra, many manufacturers are excited to change from their existing product presentation to new options.

Thanks to the excellent barrier properties used in the stand-up pouch with corner spout, the product is protected from moisture, light and its shelf-life is improved. This type of packaging is also perfect for special applications such as sterilization, pasteurizing and microwave applications.

The stand-up pouch with corner spout has an intuitive conception, flexibility in sizes, different shapes of presentation, reduced price and re-closable after using, for these reasons, we believe it has become a less costly alternative for the consumer.

The technology of horizontal machines, the continuous innovation and development provided by the FLtècnics engineering department, reinforces our position in the market with a greater presence to manufacture this type of packaging.

FLtècnics has a wide range of packaging machines covering all types of market niche’s and products, from medium speed to high speed, from small to big size packaging equipment and sophisticated executions, with dedicated products such as juices, sauces, powders, detergents, chemical products and more.

All FLtècnics models can be fitted with the corner spout applicator, offering customized solutions, as per spouted pouches with partial or total shape, round corners, small or large spouts, and sterilization and pasteurization ready. All these options are optional and available according to the customer’s needs and requirements.

As with our other options, the modular construction of our machines allows us to offer extreme flexibility with the spout applicator, with the ability to add the module even after a machine is already installed in a customer’s plant.

Thanks to the integrated automatic reels splicing system, FLtècnics is in the unique position of offering customers the ability to run their machines non-stop (24/7)!

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Stand-Up Pouch with Corner Spout/Valve